100% carbon neutral electricity at home for no extra cost

Join us in a change for a better future. We’re offsetting 100% of carbon emissions for our residential electricity customers who choose to go carbon neutral at no extra cost to them. How much good does that do? That’s the equivalent of planting around 25 trees per year per home.*

Here's how it works

To make your electricity carbon neutral we will buy enough carbon offset units to fully offset the carbon emissions associated with your home electricity.  Go Neutral is for residential electricity customers. If you're setting up a new account, join now by opting in today and when six months rolls around we’ll automatically put you on the program.

Go Neutral has been certified against the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) and we will source our offset units from a range of Australian and international offset projects.  The types of projects could include:

  • Protecting native forests by reducing land clearing
  • Planting trees to grow carbon stocks
  • Reducing business energy use by installing high efficiency appliances like refrigeration and fans, or energy efficient street lights

It's simple, effective and certified.

National Carbon Offset Standard

Help us reach one million carbon neutral homes

Our aim is to have one million Australian homes opt-in for carbon neutral electricity by 2019. Why? Because we want to start a movement towards a better energy future. It’s a big challenge. And we understand that carbon offsets are just part of the solution. But every little action by each one of us makes a difference. Go Neutral is just one way we can Light The Way together.

Opt-in now

Existing customers

It's easy to go carbon neutral

All you have to do is complete your details in the form. It only takes a few minutes and one click. It’s a simple change, but an important one for all of us.

Verifying account...

We will contact you from time to time to update you on the Go Carbon Neutral program.


We value your privacy. Your personal details will be used in accordance with EnergyAustralia's Privacy Policy.

New customers

Our aim is to have one million Australian homes opt-in for carbon neutral electricity by 2019.  You can join in and save with our great value offers. Go Neutral is for residential electricity customers. Pick one of our plans and opt in today, and when six months rolls around we’ll automatically put you on the program.

Pick a plan

The Go Neutral option is only available to residential electricity accounts on an EnergyAustralia electricity plan (“Eligible Accounts”).

Go Neutral is a separate option and does not form part of your electricity plan terms and conditions.

There is no charge to you for opting into the Go Neutral offer.

Once you opt-in to Go Neutral, we will offset the carbon emissions from your electricity consumption under your electricity plan on your Eligible Account:

  • on and from the date you opt-in, if you were an existing EnergyAustralia customer as at 24 November 2016 and are simply adding Go Neutral to your existing plan; or
  • on the 6 month anniversary of the date your new EnergyAustralia account is established, for:
    • new or existing customers who sign up to a new eligible EnergyAustralia electricity plan on and from 24 November 2016;
    • existing customers who move home and set up a new EnergyAustralia electricity plan at their new premises; and
    • existing customers whose account number changes due to changes made on their account.

If you move premises or your EnergyAustralia account number changes due to other changes made on your account, the Go Neutral option on your account will be cancelled and you will need to opt-in again to Go Neutral.

The Go Neutral option will end and be removed from customers’ accounts at 11:59pm AEDST on 31 December 2020 (unless EnergyAustralia extends it by notice published on our website).

We will send you information about Go Neutral by email.

You can opt out of Go Neutral at any time by contacting us and your account will cease being carbon neutral from that day.

We may vary the terms of the Go Neutral option by posting updated Terms and Conditions on our website. We will give reasonable notice of any changes that have a detrimental effect on customers who have already signed up to Go Neutral.

Watch the video now on what it means to opt-in.

What it means to opt-in

The EnergyAustralia Go Neutral program is available to existing residential customers now. New residential customers who sign up after 24 November 2016 or existing EnergyAustralia customers with a new account number will need to wait six months to be eligible. The program will run until 31 December 2020 when we will assess how effective it’s been and advise customers of what more we can do in the second stage of the program.

Public Disclosure Statement

*This is an indicative estimate of the number of trees needed to offset one year of emissions from an average residential household’s electricity use. For more information about this estimate see the carbon neutral frequently asked questions.

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Your questions answered

What information do I need to register for My Account?

To register for My Account, you'll need your Account Number (which can be found on your EnergyAustralia bill), an email address and some ID handy, like a Driver's Licence or Medicare Card, so that we can verify your identity.

You will also be asked to set up a password for your My Account.

You can register now at My Account.

How is the bill estimate calculated?

We use data collected from a sample of our customers, across all states in which we operate, and who have been with us for at least 9 months. We have calculated the total energy costs  of similar households from the hundreds of thousands of customers sampled and divided that sum by the total number of customers. Using that as a base we have calculated the approximate energy costs for similar households for each month/quarter.

We then apply the rates for your zone, service charges, and any discounts which come with the plan you select. All these can differ from area to area, state to state, and in some cases even from winter to summer.

The simple part is that we do all the calculating. Our aim is to provide you with an indication of what customers of similar households living in your area could expect to pay on average per month/per quarter. It should not be used as an official quote. The amount you actually pay will be based on your individual energy usage.