Opt-in for carbon neutral electricity and have a positive impact on the environment.

We know one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions is from burning fossil fuels for electricity. These carbon emissions increase the effects of climate change.

When you opt-in to our carbon neutral product, Go Neutral, we calculate the emissions associated with your household electricity use and purchase corresponding carbon offsets to cancel out the emissions, making your electricity use carbon neutral. 

And it’s all at no cost to you.

 How Go Neutral works

1. Carbon emissions are created from your household electricity use

2. We offset emissions through carbon offset units from climate action projects at no cost to you

3. Positive environmental and community benefits


Our carbon offsets come from accredited climate action projects in Australia and around the world that are providing economic, social and environmental benefits to communities, as well as reducing emissions.

Ready to opt-in?

You can opt-in to go carbon neutral on any of our home electricity plans and it costs you nothing.

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Opt-in at any time. Offsetting starts when you’ve had the same account with us for six months.

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Carbon Neutral - Be part of something big

Be part of something big

Since 2016, more than 145,000 of our customers have opted in to reduce their home electricity carbon emissions to zero. Imagine the impact that’s having.

Contribute to real projects

Contribute to real projects with real impacts

We buy carbon offset units from climate action projects that not only offset your emissions but also bring about positive economic and social benefits. For example, the large scale lighting swap out scheme in India replaces old incandescent light globes with highly efficient ones that consume less energy, helping low income families. 

These offset units are eligible according to the Australian Government’s Climate Active program, one of the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certifications available in Australia.

Offset climate action projects include:

  • Removing carbon dioxide from the air through forest regrowth in Australia
  • Stopping greenhouse gases escaping through landfill waste management in Brazil
  • Savanna fire management in Australia to prevent large bushfires that generate emissions



Climate Active memeber

EnergyAustralia is part of the Climate Active Network

EnergyAustralia is part of the Climate Active Network, an Australian network of climate leaders and companies. The goal of the Climate Active Network is to take collective action on climate change and protect Australia’s environment. 

Look for the Climate Active logo on all our Go Neutral communications from now on. Climate Active certification for products like Go Neutral makes it easier for consumers to make a conscious decision to identify and choose certified products that are making a difference. 


Go Neutral Product is certified under the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (formerly the National Carbon Offset Standard).
Our Public Disclosure Statement shows how we calculate your electricity’s carbon neutrality in full detail.