Industrial and Commercial

Energy Management

EnergyAustralia offer a range of services to assist large business customers to manage their energy needs.

Contact your account manager or our dedicated service team to find out more.

My Account and Billing

My Account Large Business is an online portal making it easier for our customers to manage their energy account with us.

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Energy Insights

InsightsPro helps you optimise your business energy use through live electricity consumption data, cost estimates and easy to use analytical tools.

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Demand Response

Our customers are incentivised to reduce electricity consumption from the grid during periods of high demand through our DR programs.

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Progressive Purchasing

Very large customers can purchase an agreed load progressively by quarter rather than having to commit to a price upfront.

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Energy Solutions

EnergyAustralia offer a range of Energy Solutions to assist large business customers to meet their energy needs.

Contact your account manager or our dedicated service team to find out more.

Solar PV & Battery Storage

Lowering consumption from the grid by generating and storing your own energy can reduce spend and improve sustainability.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting can help your business use less energy and be more efficient with the potential for cost savings and sustainability improvements.

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Energy Sustainability

There are ways for your business to help reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation in Australia.

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Power Factor Correction

Minimise wasted energy, improve plant efficiency and potentially reduce demand charges for businesses using inductive equipment.

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Insights & Communications

Webinars and Events

Throughout the year Commercial & Industrial run a number of events for customers including live webinar information sessions and market updates.

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Wholesale Market Updates

Our regular wholesale market updates will keep you updated on important news and information in the Commercial and Industrial sector.  

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Help & Support

Contact us

We have a dedicated locally based team to meet the energy and service needs of new and existing large business customers.

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New connections

Use this form to apply for a new large CT meter connection and electricity supply.

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Roll-in form

Complete this form to roll in additional site(s) to your large market contract.

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Vacation of premises forms

Please use these forms if you are intending to vacate your site prior to the end of your large market contract.

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Contract terms and conditions

These terms and conditions contain important information about your rights and obligations as an EnergyAustralia customer.

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Default energy rates

These documents may apply where a large business customer does not have a current contractual arrangement in place in respect of their energy supply.

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Rate changes

Rates are generally reviewed bi-annually and change in accordance with market regulator and operator determinations.

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Brokers and Consultants

We work with a select group of partners who have agreed to our third-party code of conduct and other customer focused criteria.

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