It’s our business to take care of your energy needs so you can focus on your business.

We understand businesses that operate multiple sites face a complex assignment. As one of Australia’s leading energy providers, we’ve worked hard to develop and refine the right service for you. We deliver end-to-end energy services, tailored to our customers’ requirements. And our dedicated multi-site team offers a wealth of experience to make sure energy is connected, supplied and serviced where and when you need it.

How you’ll benefit

Tailored energy plans
Optimised energy usage
Generate your own energy

Dedicated account management

Working with you to establish a tailored solution for your business’s energy. You’ll receive experienced specialised service; from the contract arrangements to billing enquiries at a consolidated level, or on a site by site basis.

Simple multi-site service and consolidated billing

Got 10 or more sites? We’ll process your connections and account transfers quickly, keeping you informed of your progress during the entire experience. We can help you manage your monthly energy accounts by providing a consolidated monthly invoice summary - a simple way to review each site’s electricity and gas accounts along with your overall business account.

Help with account reconciliation and environmental reporting

We’ll send you consumption reports to help spot consumption variations and high usage periods which could help you minimise your energy usage.

Business Carbon Neutral and alternative energy solutions including solar

Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your business premises’ electricity use with Business Carbon Neutral. Speak with an account manager for more details.

EnergyAustralia provides access to innovative technologies including solar power, LED lighting and more that could also help reduce your business’s energy bills.

Our Terms & Conditions

If you have a ‘Standard’ Agreement (single ABN for all sites) from EA, please view our:

If you have an ‘Agent’ Agreement (multiple ABNs for sites) from EA, please view our:

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