Flexible electricity & gas rates with great discounts.

Benefits of Flexi Plan

Flexi Plan is a flexible plan for your home energy needs that includes variable energy rates for electricity & gas. You’ll receive a discount off your total energy bill. Guaranteed, every time you pay.


  •  Energy rates for electricity & gas are variable (other fees and charges may vary)
  •  No lock in contract and no exit fees
  •  Guaranteed discount off your energy charges for 12 months
  •  Manage your energy accounts online with My Account

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Flexi Plan and your energy bill

Electricity and gas bills are made up of usage rates, daily supply charges and demand charges (if applicable). With Flexi Plan, these charges are variable.

The market contract energy charges may change in or around January or July. Please keep this in mind when choosing a variable rate plan. You’ll also receive a guaranteed discount off these charges every time you pay during the 12 month benefit period.

Any other fees and charges (incl. solar feed-in tariffs and GreenPower) may also vary. If you’re a solar customer, you’re eligible for the applicable solar feed-in tariff rates. There are no exit fees with Flexi Plan.

More information

Flexi Plan is available to eligible residential customers in ACT, NSW, Queensland (electricity only), SA, and Victoria. Please refer to our Basic Plan Information Documents (BPID) or Energy Fact Sheets for more details. For more information, go to our frequently asked questions.