Actively support the renewable energy industry with GreenPower.

You can add our GreenPower-accredited product, PureEnergy, to your electricity plan. 

When you add GreenPower to your electricity plan, you're supporting the production of electricity from government accredited renewable sources (such as solar, wind and biomass). You can sign up for PureEnergy and add GreenPower to the energy system for all of your electricity usage, or a part of it. This net zero emissions electricity doesn’t feed directly into your power supply because all power sockets connect to the same grid, but an equal amount of renewable energy to your usage (or the part of your usage you elect) is added to the electricity grid on your behalf.

As part of the GreenPower program, electricity retailers are subject to a two-tier audit to ensure no double-counting or greenwashing of environmental benefits occurs. Only renewable energy generators that deliver a net environmental benefit can get accreditation to participate in the program - this means no large-scale hydro and no native forest biomass. 

GreenPower Accredited

How does it work?

You can choose a percentage of your energy usage (10, 20 or 100%) to be accredited with green energy and EnergyAustralia will buy GreenPower accredited renewable energy on your behalf.

Add one of our GreenPower PureEnergy plans to your electricity plan

 Residential PureEnergy Plan PureEnergy charges* Estimated average PureEnergy cost per month^
10% GreenPower Accredited
$0.0495 X (10% x total usage) $1.61
20% GreenPower Accredited
$0.0495 X (20% x total usage) $3.22
100% GreenPower Accredited
$0.0495 X (100% x total usage) $16.09

*Prices include GST. PureEnergy charges apply in addition to your electricity rates. Prices effective 2 Jan 2022. Prices are subject to change. ^The estimated monthly PureEnergy costs are based on average annual electricity usage for an average household using 3900kWh on a single rate/flat tariff, in the Ausgrid network area in NSW. Your actual PureEnergy costs may vary, depending on your tariff type, your network area, and the amount of electricity you use. The estimated costs shown are based on one month’s estimated energy usage.

Live in ACT? GreenPower purchases are not counted towards the ACT Government’s work to continue meeting its 100% renewable electricity target. Visit the ACT Government’s website to learn more.

Everything else stays the same

Your electricity supply doesn’t change when you switch to GreenPower – you still get the same reliability of supply with the added assurance that you’re taking an important step in helping reduce the environmental impact of your household’s energy use.


Switch to GreenPower today

Contact us to add one of our GreenPower PureEnergy plans to your existing electricity plan with us. It’s good to know that the more green energy you choose, the more you’ll be helping the renewable energy industry in Australia.

To learn more about GreenPower plans for your business please see here

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