What is Power of Choice?

Power of Choice is about giving you more information and control over the way in which you use and manage your electricity, through smart meters. With a smart meter and the information in My Account, you get more insights to your usage and there’ll be no need for someone to come to your premises to read your meter.

Where and when did Power of Choice start?

Power of Choice are new national electricity metering reforms that started on 1 December 2017. Under these reforms, smart meters will be progressively rolled-out to our customers in NSW, ACT, South Australia and Queensland.

Most homes and small businesses in Victoria already have smart meters. If you are a Victorian customer and want to find out more about smart meters, please go to our Victorian smart meter page.

Embracing technology for the future

Most homes and businesses around Australia still have electricity meters that use out-dated technology.

Under Power of Choice, these old-style meters will be replaced with new smart meters that are designed for the demands and connectivity of the modern world.

We’re now responsible for your smart meter installation

In the past, only distributors (the companies that own the poles and wires in your area) could provide meter services. Under Power of Choice, energy retailers will be able to arrange installation and service of your smart meter.

As a result, we’ve updated the Terms and Conditions of your electricity contract. These changes relate to how metering services are provided and how your electricity usage data is managed and used.

What does Power of Choice mean for me?

With a smart meter, you have access to lots of information via My Account to keep track of your energy usage – something that your traditional meter can’t provide.

A smart meter measures the amount of electricity used over short periods of time and can be read remotely. This means there’s no need for a person to visit your property to read the meter.

Through My Account, you’ll be able to view your usage, making it much easier for you to monitor and manage your electricity use. If you haven’t already signed up, you can register for My Account online.

What’s smart about smart meters?

Smart meters with remote communications enabled offer many benefits, including:

  • remote readings, removing the need for onsite meter reads
  • remote connection and disconnection, making it easier and more efficient to move properties
  • early detection of faults and supply issues
  • through My Account, you can easily view, monitor and manage your electricity usage
  • access to new technology to help you manage your electricity use, such as more efficient use of solar panels and battery storage.

View more information on how to read your smart meter.

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