You can give someone else the authority to make payments or take control of your account.

Do you need to add an additional account holder to your existing account? This might be useful if you’re sharing a household or if someone else is taking care of the finances.

The following form will add the additional account holder. You just need your account details, their personal details and to know what level of account holder they’ll be. Either:

  • ‘financially responsible’ meaning they have full access to the account and responsibility for paying the account or have
  • ‘authority to act’, meaning they can make changes to the account but are not responsible for payment of the account.

Once everyone involved has agreed on the changes, they’ll be registered in the system. If you’re entering another person’s details on their behalf, then they’ll benefit from knowing about our Privacy Policy.

Additional account holder form

If you are not listed on the account, you will need to get a registered account holder to complete this form or contact us directly.

To get in contact faster, you can use live chat to talk to us now (during operating hours). You can also log in to My Account and request an additional account holder there.