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Information about our rates - Energy price fact sheets

To find out more about the price and other information about your energy product, please see our Basic Plan Information Documents

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions contain important information about your rights and obligations as an EnergyAustralia customer. They are made up of:

  • terms and conditions
  • your energy plan details (formerly the product schedule) incorporating the written disclosure statement for customers on a market contract
  • green options (if applicable)

Recent changes to our terms and conditions

We recently updated our standard and market retail contract terms and conditions due to regulatory changes in Victoria that start on 1 January 2021.

These changes impact our standard retail and market retail contracts. These changes may mean that:

  • If we’ve undercharged you, we may recover the undercharged amount from you. The period of how long we can recover the undercharged bill amount has been reduced from up to 9 months to up to 4 months. Unless the undercharge is your fault, or results from your unlawful act or omission.

Market contract

If your energy plan includes discounts, bill credits, or other benefits, this Market contract applies to you

Standard contract

If you're currently receiving your electricity bills from EnergyAustralia and you have not signed up to a market contract, this Standard contract applies to you. 

For new connections, this contract applies if EnergyAustralia is the local retailer for your area and you have not signed up to a market contract.

Find our standing offer rates for your area and choose Basic Home or Basic Business when you select a plan. 

Find out more about our fees and charges in your state.

Large business

EnergyAustralia Solar Feed-In Terms and Conditions

If EnergyAustralia is buying electricity from you and you are receiving a Feed-In Tariff, you will have entered into a Feed-In contract with EnergyAustralia. A Feed-In Tariff is a credit that we pay you for any unused electricity that your solar power system sends back to the power grid. It is usually paid as a credit on our electricity bills.

The Terms and Conditions of your Feed-In contract are available below. Different Terms and Conditions apply depending on the type of Feed-in Tariff that applies to you. 

Bulk Hot Water Terms and Conditions

View Terms & Conditions for Bulk Hot Water.

Customer charters (prior to 1 July 2012)

Under Victorian regulation, we are required to provide a copy of our Customer charter as soon as we arrange to connect electricity or gas to your premises. If you would like a copy of Customer charters applicable before 30 June 2012, contact us.

Billing information about greenhouse gas emissions from energy usage

We encourage our customers to learn more about how energy usage impacts greenhouse gas emissions, and are required by Victorian regulation to include information about greenhouse gas emissions on bills for certain customers, in accordance with the Essential Services Commission Guideline 13.

PowerResponse Terms and Conditions