If you want to delete the profile you use to access the EnergyAustralia app or My Account, please contact us.

Before contacting us to delete your profile, please note the following:

  • By deleting your profile, you will no longer have access to the EnergyAustralia app or My Account
  • Deleting your profile does not affect your electricity or gas connections, which will remain active
  • If you delete your profile and want to use the EnergyAustralia app or My Account again, you will need to register for a new profile

Permanently deleting your digital account (the EnergyAustralia app and your My Account)

To permanently delete your My Account information online and on the app, you’ll need to request this by chatting to us. Chat to us to start the process.

We’ll then delete your information and email you to confirm it has been done.


Please note: Some of your information will be retained by us due regulatory compliance purposes and to maintain your service connection/s.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more general information about how we manage the details we hold about you.