Getting a new meter? There are some important things you need to know if you live in NSW/ACT, South Australia or Queensland.

The information below covers timeframes for the following three scenarios:

  1. New connection1
  2. Meter exchange2
  3. Meter exchange and a connection alteration3

We’ll work with you to arrange the meter installation at a time that suits you. If you need to change the date just let us know and we'll reschedule.

1 A new connection is for a site with no existing electricity supply connection or electrical metering. A physical new connection of supply is required and a brand new meter is installed to connect the site to power. The supply needs to be completed before we can install a new meter.

2 A meter exchange is when we’re replacing your existing meter. Some examples of a meter exchange are:

  • Upgrading to a smart meter 
  • If you have solar, you need a compatible meter to enjoy the benefits of your solar system.

3 A connection alteration is when a change is made to your existing connection. Some examples of a connection alteration are:

  • Relocating your meter due to renovations 
  • Upgrading your switchboard, meter panel or meter box 
  • Upgrading your meter from a 1 phase connection to a 3 phase connection
  • Upgrading your meter to make it appropriate for the appliances in your property
  • If you need to add or remove ‘controlled load’ to your meter for hot water.

4 A Distributor owns the energy infrastructure – the poles and wires that supply energy to you.

5 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) relates to NSW/ACT customers only. An ASP is also known as a Level 2 electrician. They’re permitted and required to install a service line to connect your premises to the electricity network. An ASP isn’t permitted to install the meter unless they’re accredited with our Metering Service Provider.

6 An aggregated electricity consumption agreement is a separate contract that includes multiple National Metering Identifiers (NMI).

7 Please note the date range doesn’t apply to life support customers.

8 A connection contract is a contract with your Distributor regarding a connection service.