From 1 January 2017, a late payment fee may be charged when you pay a bill after the bill due date.​

No. You’ll find details of the late payment fee in your welcome pack.

  • The late payment fee on market retail contracts is $12.00
  • The late payment fee on Government regulated standing offer contract is $10.90

It wasn’t possible to apply late payment fees while we were updating our billing system, so any bills you paid late during this period weren't, and won't be charged a late payment fee.

You’ll find reference to a late payment fee in clause 13.4 of your Market Retail Contract and in the Energy Plan Details section of your Welcome Pack.

You’re won’t be charged the late payment fee if you’re:

  • On our Hardship program (EnergyAssist)
  • Based in Victoria
  • On a Standard Offer Tariff in Queensland (it will be stated on your bill)
  • On a payment plan
  • On regular pay
  • On an active payment extension
  • The Trustee for a Deceased estate
  • A pensioner with a valid concession during the billing period
  • In receipt of final bills
  • Receiving the Medical Energy Rebate
  • A Not for profit and charity organisation

For further exemptions, or to check if the late payment fee applies to you, please contact us on 133 466.

Late payment fees cover the cost of the administration required to send reminder notices and to follow up on unpaid bills.

The best way to avoid these fees is by setting up direct debit from a credit card or bank account, to ensure your bills are always paid on time.

You can set up direct debit by using your account number and postcode to register for My Account, your online, self-service portal. Log in 24/7 at My Account. You can also call our friendly team if you have any questions.

If you’re concerned you may not have adequate funds in your savings account each month, you can set up a direct debit from a MasterCard®, Visa or American Express® credit card. There is no fee to arrange a direct debit from a credit card, however if you use a credit card to manually pay your bill, fees may apply.

You pay a late payment fee as part of the total amount due on the next bill you receive.

Concessions unfortunately aren’t provided on your gas account, so a late payment fee may apply if you pay your gas bill after the due date. In line with South Australian legislation, your electricity account is eligible for a concession, so it wouldn’t be charged a late payment fee with us.

If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to pay your next bill, please contact us on 1800 558 643 so we can work with you to arrange a suitable plan. We have a team dedicated to helping you with any difficulties you may have paying your energy bills, so give us a call.