Unless your property has a smart meter (that sends your usage information to us remotely, removing the need for onsite meter reads) your meter needs to be read by a technician from the metering company or the local distributor in your area.

When the technician does an in-person meter read, we calculate your bill based on the energy you have used. If this doesn’t happen, we have to base your bill on an estimate of your energy usage.

If you have received an estimated bill, you may be able to submit your own reading

The company or distributor in your area responsible for reading your meter, needs to complete a read at least once every 12 months so please assist them by providing safe and clear access. 

This video gives tips to help provide safe access to your meter, so that installation, meter maintenance and regular meter readings can take place.

Help us find your meter

If you have meter access instructions, such as the access code for a gate or information that will help us ready your meter, please let us know

If your meter is locked, or has an access code, consider leaving it open during meter reading times.

Details of your next scheduled meter read can be found in the Meter details section at the end of your bill. The date window is included under the Next meter read heading. View our bill guides to help you find this information.

By knowing the likely meter read dates, you can make sure that you provide good access to the meter during these times.

Make sure there is easy access to your meter (and switchboard)

  • Keep pets in a safe and secure place for when the company responsible for reading your meter visits
  • Clear away anything blocking access, like building materials, or overgrown plants
  • If there’s something happening around your home that makes access difficult, please let us know.

NOTE: Getting your meter read video will need updating but is considered out of scope for the BBG project and will be need approval from Marketing Leadership team to look at it at a later stage.

Unsure where to find your meter?

Each property is a little different and sometimes you may be unsure where to locate the meter allocated to your house.

Below are the common areas you may find your electricity or gas meter:

Free standing house


  • Attached to an external wall
  • At the front or rear of the property


  • In the Garage or laundry
  • Hallway
  • In a cupboard 

Apartment complex or flats

  • Carpark
  • Basement
  • Allocated meter room
  • Gas meter - under the kitchen sink

Each meter has a unique meter number and identification number, for electricity this is referred to as an NMI (National Meter Identifier) and for gas a MIRN (Meter Installation Reference Number meter). If you are unsure what your meter number/identification is you can reference this on the third page 3 of your bill.