During June 2021, a large rain event and subsequent Morwell River flooding caused damage to the southern end of the Morwell River Diversion (MRD) structure at the Yallourn mine.

EnergyAustralia received approvals for works to temporarily divert water flows away from the MRD where it runs through the Yallourn mine.

The temporary diversions are required to reduce the Morwell River flows so that a detailed assessment of the MRD can occur, followed by any repair works.

The diversions include a range of on-site and off-site options. However, except for flood waters, Morwell River flows will be transferred directly to the Latrobe River along large high-density polyethylene piping, laid in parallel to the MRD. 

We have designed the diversions to minimise potential impacts to the environment and downstream users. 

As of March 2022, repairs to the MRD are progressing well.

We continue to monitor water quality in the Morwell and Latrobe Rivers to ensure water quality is maintained.

The latest water quality report can be found here:

Water Quality Assessment

Morwell River Diversion