The long Australian summer often brings extremely hot days, sometimes consecutively. On those days, our electricity use goes up markedly, putting a lot of pressure on energy providers who can only generate so much electricity at any one time.

Part of EnergyAustralia’s solution is to pay our electricity customers in bill credits to reduce their electricity consumption during nominated peak times. This system is called demand response and our program is called PowerResponse.

Be rewarded for being part of the solution

A PowerResponse event can be triggered by an unplanned occurrence like extreme weather. Or, we may run a PowerResponse event at times when we anticipate peak demand – not necessarily due to extreme weather.

We’ll send you (or a nominated contact) an email and/or SMS alert when we know of an event, with start and end times. PowerResponse is completely voluntary - it’s up to you if you choose to take part.

By making small changes to your electricity use during a PowerResponse event, you may be rewarded - and your participation will help maintain a stable energy supply for everyone.

Put simply, we want to reward you with credits on your bill to reduce or save energy during a PowerResponse event.

How does PowerResponse work?

PowerResponse participants receive an email and/or SMS alert prior to an event. 

During the event you can take some easy steps to reduce your electricity usage – for example, turning your air-conditioning up a few degrees, switching off your pool pump or waiting till after the event to put the washing machine or dishwasher on.

PowerResponse event guide – what happens?

Resi Power Response - Image 1 - v1


  • We’ll give you as much notice as possible when an event is coming up, by email and/or SMS. EnergyAustralia may lengthen or shorten an event before or during its occurrence.
  • You’ll get an SMS alert when the event starts
Resi Power Response


  • Participation is completely voluntary. If you do, please start reducing your electricity usage for the duration of the event which is usually between 1 and 4 hours.
  • The event finishes and we’ll confirm by SMS when it’s over
Resi Power Response


  • We’ll let you know how much energy you saved, and any credits you earned on your electricity bill in My Account, within a few days.
  • Credits will appear on your EnergyAustralia electricity account within 20 business days of a PowerResponse event that you participated in and will appear on your next bill after that date

You can view your performance and rewards via MyAccount. Log in, or register here.

What’s in it for you?

You receive:

  • $1 each time you choose to take part in a PowerResponse event and reduce usage by any amount
  • $2 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy you save during a PowerResponse event. The reward you earn is based on how much you reduce your electricity use, compared to your normal or ‘baseline’ usage, every half hour. * Check how we calculate your baseline here
  • Remember, these credits will appear on your EnergyAustralia electricity account within 20 business days of a PowerResponse event that you participated in

Importantly, your actions will help maintain a stable energy supply for everyone.

*EnergyAustralia may change the calculation methodology for incentives from time to time, so check this website regularly for updates.

Additional Information

How can I reduce my electricity usage?

Electricity consumption is measured and charged in terms of cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

For example, say a standard 21-inch LCD monitor uses 50 watts of electricity per hour; over an eight-hour day it would consume 400 watts of electricity, or 0.4 kWh, which would be charged at your applicable cents per kWh rate.

Reducing the amount of electricity you use could be as easy as adjusting your air-conditioning temperature, switching off your pool pump, turning your tv and computer off, or delaying a load of washing.^

Heating - v1

Air conditioners – assume 2 hours use *

  • 1Wh to 3kWh
  • Air conditioners and heaters can be big energy guzzlers. Turn off or adjust the thermostat to reduce the amount of electricity used = $2 - $6 credit
  • Assumes an average reverse cycle air conditioner. Actual usage will depend on room size and age and capacity of the appliance.
Washing machine

Washing machine ^

  • Front loader: 0.7 kWh per cycle or top loader: 1kWh per cycle
  • Delay putting on a load of washing and you can save up to 1kWh – there’s another $2 credit right there
  • The actual cost will vary with the type of machine, as well as its capacity, water usage and the chosen wash cycle. This calculation is based on a 7kg washing machine on a warm wash cycle.

Dishwasher ^

  • 1 -2kWh per cycle
  • Not running your dishwasher during an event could mean you reduce usage by around 1kWh = $2 credit
  • We have assumed an average 1kW a load. Actual cost will depend on the capacity and energy efficiency of the dishwasher and wash cycle chosen.

^ If you would normally run these appliances at the time when the event occurs. These are examples only and actual energy reductions and bill credits will vary depending on the size, efficiency, conditions and the way in which you use your particular appliance.

^ Source:

* Source:

Not interested in PowerResponse?

Participating in PowerResponse is completely voluntary but if you don’t want to be involved at all, you can easily unsubscribe. Remember, you can resubscribe at any time.

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