A little research and comparison can help you decide. 

Plan comparison checklist

  • since 1 July 2019, it’s easier to compare energy plans. Enter your usage details from a recent bill and you’ll be able to compare for yourself. 
  • for electricity plans remember to look at the percentage difference from the reference price. The bigger the discount off the reference price, the better the deal for you.
  • energy tariffs – a tariff is the price you're charged for connecting to an electricity or gas network for the energy you use.
  • discounts and offers – do you get a guaranteed discount or discount for paying your bills by the due date?
  • type of contract – is the plan on a standard or market retail contract?
  • service options – do you receive a bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly bill? Is full payment required or can you opt for a payment plan?
  • fees and charges – are there connection/disconnection/early exit fees or concessions?
  • terms and conditions – how long is the benefit period? Are there any special conditions?
  • add-ons – are there green energy, carbon neutral and solar power options on your plan?
  • features and benefits – what are the top three benefits of your chosen plan?

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