Solar solutions for a brighter energy future

At EnergyAustralia, our team of energy solutions consultants have installed thousands of solar PV and battery storage systems around Australia. 

Our specialist consultants, engineers, and Clean Energy Council accredited designers will carefully assess and evaluate your electricity bill and roof space to design a customised, suitable solar solution for your home.


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Echo Group Corporation Pty Ltd ABN 34 158 561 927, is part of the EnergyAustralia group and supplies and installs solar, battery and related products to customers.
Solar solutions for a brighter energy future

Solar panels 

We offer a range of solar panels and other solar system components. All our panels and inverters are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and the range includes standard, premium and state-of-the-art solar panels, all Tier 1, CEC-approved and Solar Victoria approved (if applicable).


Solar panels generate direct current electricity (DC) but regular households rely on alternating current electricity (AC) to power their appliances. This is where inverters are necessary to convert the energy that is generated by solar panels. At EnergyAustralia we stock three high-quality inverter brands suitable for residential use.


We’ll design a solar system solution that matches your energy needs. Get in touch with us today to talk through your options. Below, we’ve given examples of some of the most common solar system sizes for residential installations.


Many roofs are suitable for solar installations and will follow an overall similar step-by-step process. One thing that may change from roof-to-roof is the technique of the installation to suit various roof angles and materials. We’ve broken down the steps of solar system installation below. We’re here to help you through the process – get in touch with an energy solutions consultant if you have any questions.

Arrange a visit

Get in touch and we’ll organise an engineer or installer to visit your home to assess your roof space.

Permits and documentation

You and the installer will check that any paperwork or documentation for applicable builder permits and/or incentives and grants are complete and processed.

Scheduling your installation

Once the paperwork has been approved, the installer will process the order for your solar system and schedule installation.


The installation can take one to three days, from prepping your roof to electrical wiring. Our team will then take you through the next steps, including electrical safety certifications and grid connection. Learn more.


Confidence with every system

We provide a five-year installation warranty. Our work is in accordance with required industry codes of conduct, building codes and local government and legislative requirements. All supplied systems, components and equipment comply with Australian Standards. Backed by the energy expertise of one of the largest energy companies in Australia, EnergyAustralia. Learn more.

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