What is off-peak electricity?

Off-peak refers to lower, discounted electricity prices during specific times. Off-peak times are generally when residential homes and businesses use less electricity. Off-peak times will vary depending on your location and meter type, but typically are at night or weekends.

Electricity used in busy peak times can place a strain on Australia’s electricity networks. That’s why off-peak electricity is charged at a cheaper price, to encourage people to use their electricity outside these busy times.

Off-peak electricity can also refer to electricity being used by a stand-alone appliance, like an electric hot water service on a dedicated circuit. This appliance is metered separately and can be billed on off-peak rates.

Plans available which have off-peak rates

All of our electricity plans are available for off-peak meters.

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Find out if you’re eligible for off-peak rates

Being eligible for off-peak electricity prices depends on:

  • The type of meter you have at your home or business; and
  • The way your meter is configured.

The following table lists the most common meter types and their eligibility for off peak prices.

Meter configuration Eligible for off-peak

Time of Use (interval)

Time of Use (interval) meters can charge at three prices: peak, off-peak and shoulder


Two Rate

Two rate meters are able to charge at two prices: peak and off-peak.


Single Rate

Single rate meters charge at one single price and can’t offer off-peak electricity.


Dedicated Circuit

Dedicated circuit can charge a dedicated appliance (for example hot water or underfloor heating) on off-peak prices


Understanding your meter configuration

If you’re unsure of your meter configuration you can contact us and one of our helpful consultants will advise you. If you’re an EnergyAustralia customer you can also check your bill under the ‘current charges’ section to see if you’re already on off-peak electricity pricing.

Changing your meter configuration for off-peak rates

If you’re in Victoria and have a smart meter installed at your home, you can request your meter configuration to be changed to be eligible for off-peak rates. Contact us for more information on how you can change your meter configuration and take advantage of off-peak rates.

Smart meters and off-peak rates

Not all smart meters are configured to measure off-peak electricity. 

Shoulder rates explained

Shoulder rates are currently applicable to Time of Use meters in New South Wales and Victoria. Shoulder rates are charged during shoulder times which sit between peak and off-peak times.

Using off-peak times to reduce your electricity bills

There are many ways to save electricity with off-peak rates. You can save money by shifting your electricity use to off-peak times. Consider running appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers at off-peak times. Many appliances now have timers and delay start features; so you can control your electricity usage and save money.

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