EnergyAustralia Yallourn operates in accordance with EPA Victoria Licence (10961) which allows for discharge to air of a range of Indicators, through three licensed discharge points, A1, A2a and A2b. The combined emissions of each Indicator from each discharge point is calculated in accordance with EPA Victoria approved methodologies to determine compliance with the Licence (10961) discharge limits specified in licence condition LI_DA1.10.2.

This report provides a daily summary of the compliance status for specific indicators emitted to air from the licensed discharge points in accordance with licence condition LI_DA4.2.

EPA Victoria Licence 10961

Daily Air Emissions Compliance Report

Licence Discharge Limits(1)

Indicator Units(2) 90th Percentile Limit(3) Compliance status(4) Maximum Limit Compliance status(4)
Carbon Monoxide g/min 85,600
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Green
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Amber
Oxides of Nitrogen (as NO2) g/min 49,100
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Amber
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Green
Particles (total) g/min 14,500
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Red
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Green
Sulfur Dioxide g/min 73,100
Traffic Light (Bulb) - Green

(1) Discharge limits are specified in EPA Victoria Licence (10961). Compliance Status is subject to validation up to 12:00pm on the subsequent day. Emissions of particles are monitored in real time directly. Emissions of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide are monitored in real time using predictive methodologies. Refer to the Monthly Air Emissions Compliance Report for further explanation.
(2) g/min = grams/minute as a 30 minute average
(3) 90th Percentile limits are based on a 12-month rolling average
(4) Compliance Status key:

Traffic Light (Legend Bulb) - Green

  Indicator lower than discharge limit

Traffic Light (Legend Bulb) - Amber

  Pending Indicator Compliance status*

Traffic Light (Legend Bulb) - Red

  Indicator exceeded discharge limit

 *Daily Compliance status for Indicator will be reported as soon as possible. Refer to the Monthly Air Emissions Compliance Report for explanation.