Sometimes energy retailers go out of business or are suspended from the electricity or gas retail market by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which means the retailer can no longer supply their customers with energy. When this happens, a process called ‘Retailer of Last Resort’ (RoLR) is initiated. The main thing to understand is that there will be no disruption to your energy supply.

Please read more below to find out about the latest RoLR events that may affect you. 

What happens when my current energy retailer fails or is suspended?

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is responsible for overseeing the RoLR scheme for NSW, QLD, SA and ACT. The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is responsible for this scheme in Victoria.

Under the RoLR scheme, customers from the failed retailer are automatically transferred to another retailer to ensure the continuation of supply of energy. 

If you’re affected, you don’t have to do anything straight away as you’ll automatically be transferred to us for ongoing electricity or gas supply. We’ll be in touch to explain the new arrangements.  

You’re very welcome to stay with us on a new electricity or gas contract that best suits your needs.

Latest events

Mojo Power East Pty Ltd (trading as People Energy)
21 June 2023

Around 4,080 residential, large, small and medium-sized business electricity customers in VIC have been affected by Mojo Power East Pty Ltd’s suspension

Mojo Power Pty Ltd and QEnergy Limited
16 June 2023

Around 16,000 residential, large, small and medium-sized business electricity customers in VIC, NSW, ACT, SA and QLD have been affected by QEnergy Limited’s and Mojo Power Pty Ltd’s suspension.

More information

You can find out more about these suspensions and information about the RoLR scheme below


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