Top 5 FAQs

Smart meters are up to date two-way, digital communication systems that record electricity usage every 30 minutes and automatically send this data to a your electricity distributor.

If you live in Victoria, you could benefit from new electricity plans designed for smart meters. See EnergyAustralia’s flexible pricing option

Existing customers

We'll send you a letter or email before 1 July 2016 to let you know what your new gas and electricity rates are.

New customers 

All of our rates will be available online from 1 July. You can also contact us on 1800 001 772. 

There could be several reasons why your bill was delayed. Most delays are because of issues with our billing systems or because the information on your account is either incorrect or incomplete. For example when the meter reads don’t correctly match your meter type, delays may occur.

Understand more about your delayed bill.

Green energy comes from natural resources such as the sun, wind and water.

To help you draw on green energy for your home or business, consider installing solar electricity and a solar hot water system in your home. These enable you to harness the sun’s energy and generate your own clean power. Explore our range of solar energy systems and you could be converting solar energy into electricity in no time.

Find out more about our solar and batteries.

You can also actively support Australia’s renewable energy industry by adding government-accredited GreenPower to your electricity plan. Our PureEnergy GreenPower plans encourage greater investment in renewable energy and ensures the renewable electricity you buy through us meets strict environmental standards.

We offer flexible payment options to residential and small business customers who’ve been with us for at least six months. You need to have been with us for this period so we can accurately estimate your annual usage – it also ensures estimated payment instalments cover the amount of energy you’re consuming.

If you accept this payment option then it can’t be used to manage any outstanding debt or to credit  manage  your accounts.