The 30MW / 30MWh Ballarat Energy Storage System comprising a Fluence battery is located at the AusNet Services Ballarat Terminal Station in Warrenheip, Ballarat. 

EnergyAustralia holds the rights to charge and dispatch energy from the battery via a first-of-a-kind storage services agreement with AusNet Services. 

The battery is used to store energy at times when demand is low, and supply into the electricity market during high demand periods when customers need it most. 

The Ballarat system is registered in all eight ancillary services markets, helping to provide grid stability to the network. 

The project was supported by the Victorian Government and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency under the Victorian Energy Storage Initiative. 

Spotless Sustainability Services developed the system, that’s owned by AusNet Services as an unregulated asset.

The Ballarat Energy Storage System operates 24/7 and is capable of powering more than 20,000 homes for an hour of critical peak demand before being recharged. 

Installed capacity: 30MW / 30MWh

Commenced operations in December 2018 

Ballarat Battery Storage
Ballarat battery storage
Ballarat battery storage