The Victorian Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS) can assist with bill payments during a temporary financial crisis - for instance, family violence or a recent decrease in income.

The amount you can receive depends on how much is owed when you apply, but you could potentially get up to $650 on each utility type in a two-year period, or $1,300 for a single source of energy (for example, electricity only).

To find out more, visit the Victorian government’s Utility Relief Grant Scheme page.

Find out if you’re eligible for the URGS

To meet the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing criteria, you must:

  • You or someone in your house has experienced family violence; or
  • Hold a valid concession card; or
  • Be deemed low income.*

*$2,155.20 or less single income per fortnight, $3,297.60 or less coupled income per fortnight, before tax

Concession card holders and those on a low income must also have experienced:

  • A recent decrease in income (e.g. loss/reduction of employment, family separation); or
  • A cost of shelter of more than 30% of your household income (private rental or mortgage); or
  • A high unexpected cost for essential items (e.g. car repairs, replaced / repaired a fridge).

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