A remote service is the ability to either connect or disconnect a property without having to physically visit the home or building. This is enabled by smart meter technology. Electricity customers in Victoria who have a smart meter can elect to have a remote connection or disconnection after answering several questions to determine if this can be done safely.

It could be that your previous property’s electricity was supplied by a different distributor or a manual disconnection was performed at your new address.

It could be that:

  • The last time the property was disconnected, the fuse was manually pulled out and because of this the fuse will need to be manually replaced by a technician.
  • The main switch was not turned to the off position.
  • The meter is damaged and cannot be connected or disconnected remotely.
  • There has been a system or communications fault resulting in your connection or disconnection not being able to be done remotely.

A remote disconnection means that the electricity supply to your property can be disconnected without a technician visiting to perform a manual disconnection.

If we find that we can’t safely perform a remote connection or disconnection, we will request that a manual service be carried out by your electricity distributor. It is very important to ensure that electricity is connected and disconnected safely and having a technician visit the site to perform the connection or disconnection allows them to identify potential hazards.