We provide more than 5000 MW in energy for 1.6 million customers.

We own and operate energy generation facilities across southern and eastern Australia, making energy using coal, gas, solar and wind.

One of our biggest energy generation assets is Mt Piper. Located in the Hunter region of New South Wales, its 1400 MW coal-fired generators meet the energy needs of just over a million homes each year. At the other end of the scale is the gas-fired Jeeralang power station. Located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley it steps in when energy demand is high and has a total capacity of 450MW.


Yallourn Power Station

Coal — Victoria

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Mt Piper Power Station

Coal — New South Wales

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Tallawarra Power Station

Gas — New South Wales

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Hallett Power Station

Gas — South Australia

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Newport Power Station

Gas — Victoria

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Jeeralang Power Station

Gas — Victoria

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Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm

Wind — South Australia

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Buying energy

We also have agreements to purchase energy from facilities owned by others, known as power purchase agreements.

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