Bulk Hot Water describes a centralised hot water system, generally within apartments and town house developments that provide each home with their hot water requirements. Each home has its own meter to measure how much hot water is actually used, to ensure you’re only charged for what you use within your own home.


New South Wales customers: call us on 133 466

Victorian customers: call us on 1800 441 726

If you have Bulk Hot Water, your whole apartment building will have Bulk Hot Water. Your Body Corporate Manager, building manager or real estate agent will be able to confirm this. You will also notice that there is no separate hot water service within your home.

If you’re moving into an apartment where we supply Bulk Hot Water, please contact us today to open an account with us and ensure your hot water supply is turned on.

If you’re moving out of your apartment and need to close your account, you’ll need to call us to let us know.

You’ll receive a Bulk Hot Water bill every 2 months. If you are already an EnergyAustralia gas customer, your Bulk Hot Water charges will display on your gas bill in most cases. If you are not an EnergyAustralia gas customer, you will receive a separate Bulk Hot Water bill from us, and the gas bill from your retailer.

Yes, Bulk Hot Water is separate from a normal gas or water bill. Bulk Hot Water will be billed separately to your gas usage and you’ll continue to be billed for cold water by your local water retailer.

If you are an eligible concession card holder, you can receive the relevant concessions. Contact us to add your concession card to your Bulk Hot Water account.

New South Wales customers: Call us on 133 466 and we can help with your enquiries.

Victorian customers: Call us on 1800 441 726 and we can help with your enquiries.

In the first instance, you should contact your Body Corporate Manager or real estate agent for any issues related to your hot water service. Your Body Corporate Manager is responsible for the hot water system and any pipes or infrastructure used to deliver hot water in your building. EnergyAustralia is responsible for the physical meter only. If there is an issue with the meter, please contact us.

You can review the terms and conditions for Victorian customers.

They need to be read in conjunction with our Standard Retail Contract Terms and Conditions.