There could be several reasons why your bill was delayed. Most delays are because of issues with our billing systems or because the information on your account is either incorrect or incomplete. For example when the meter reads don’t correctly match your meter type, delays may occur.

Understand more about your delayed bill.

There are a number of reasons you may be experiencing a high bill.

High bill checklist

Use the high bill checklist to find out why your bill might be high.

Contact us if you have any further concerns about the size of your bill, or would like some tips on how you could save energy. 

Let us take the hassle out of your move.  Contact us to connect your small business electricity and gas. 

You can find your rate on the back of your most recent bill under 'charge/rate'. Contact us if you need help.

Details of your next scheduled meter read can be found on your bill. Contact us if you need more help or request a callback.

Contact us and we'll provide you with that information. Have your address and account details handy.

We offer flexible payment options to residential and small business customers who’ve been with us for at least six months. You need to have been with us for this period so we can accurately estimate your annual usage – it also ensures estimated payment instalments cover the amount of energy you’re consuming.

If you accept this payment option then it can’t be used to manage any outstanding debt or to credit  manage  your accounts.