The best place to view your usage is to log into My Account to see our user-friendly usage charts that show how much energy you are consuming over time.

Or you can request your usage data here. Please note that this usage data is issued in a regulated table format that is not as easy to compare over time.

The data available for you to view depends on the type of meter installed at your property. If you have a smart meter your usage data is updated in 15 or 30-minute intervals and is available to view in My Account within 72 hours of consumption. Other electricity meters are usually read every 3 months. Gas meters outside of Victoria are also read every 3 months and gas meters within Victoria are read every 2 months.

When your meter is read and the meter reader provides us with your data, we calculate your bill from that data. When the meter reader hasn’t been able to access your meter to read it or hasn’t provided us with your data, we calculate your bill using estimated usage. If this happens, you can submit your own meter reading.