If you received an estimated bill and you don’t have a smart meter, then you can submit your own meter reading. Find out how to safely read your meter

Submit meter read

Once we receive your reading, we will calculate a revised bill and send it to you - you only need to pay for what you have used.

We are required to bill you in regular billing periods. This means we will align your meter read to the dates on your original bill, and so it will show on your bill as an estimated meter read.

For customers in the Jemena distribution region (the company that owns the gas meters and pipes in your area), you can provide your gas meter readings directly through to Jemena via their new Gas Meter Mate app. This will help to avoid estimated readings. You can check who your energy distributor is here.

I’ve received a few estimated bills. I’ve only just submitted my own meter reading. What happens now?

We will calculate your average daily usage from the reading you have just supplied. If you’ve had more than one estimated bill prior to submitting your own meter reading, we’ll adjust these bills only up to four months in VIC and nine months in NSW, ACT, QLD or SA. If you have accumulated credits from any of these bill adjustments, they will be carried forward to your latest revised bill.

If you’ve received multiple estimated bills, please contact us so that we can organise a suitable time for your meter to be read. Your meter should be read at least once every 12 months to ensure you only pay for the energy you use.

Example: How we use your own read to calculate your revised bill.