Accelerating the clean energy transformation in transport? We’re doing it.

The world of transport is changing rapidly

The increased interest in electric transport across public and private sectors demands the remodelling and rethinking of existing strategies and operations. At EnergyAustralia, our goal is to make this transition to an electrified fleet safe, simple, quick and cost-effective.

The World of transport is changing rapidly
Switching your fleet to electric vehicles (EV)

Switching your fleet to electric vehicles (EV)

Fleets of electric passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks are becoming more cost-effective commercial propositions than those using diesel and petrol. Investing in electric vehicles and charging equipment will help your business:

  • Benefit from the green energy transition
  • Achieve net zero emissions targets
  • Enjoy lower fuel emissions each year as the energy system continues to decarbonise
  • Improve air quality in urban areas
  • Improve noise abatement
  • Lower maintenance costs
What we offer

Helping to transition the transport industry to EVs is not just about installing a few chargers along the way; it is about looking to the future and understanding what it would mean to have millions of vehicles relying on the energy system to keep them moving. We need to ensure the system is ready to meet this increase in demand over time and that we are achieving our zero emissions goals through this transition.

Looking at the big picture and working on building a solution that addresses the EV charging network in Australia as a whole is how we help set our customers up for success. EnergyAustralia helps build the infrastructure and behind-the-meter renewable energy solutions for our customers.

Green Transport Ecosystem

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Electric vehicle expertise 

Over the years at EnergyAustralia we’ve invested in building its expertise around transit vehicle depot electrification. This includes:

  • Analysing fleet data for route shape, travel characteristics and vehicle performance metrics; 
  • Running full-year data simulations to develop energy demand profiles; and
  • Completing engineering design and feasibility studies, including completion of site surveys, soil tests and grid capacity calculations.

Our targeted research, coupled with long experience in delivering utility scale projects, positions us to provide expert advice on critical depot design choices relating to electrification.    


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Decision and design support

For organisations working on bidding for large government and private tender contracts, we provide consultancy services, assisting them in submitting a winning bid. Our experience with EVs helps inform all areas of the bidding process.

We have significant tendering experience across multiple states and agencies and can provide written reports, engineering design and calculations on all aspects of depot development for electrification, from electrification suitability and energy audits to vehicle selection, transition timelines, financial metrics, future fuel roadmaps and more.

We’ll work with you to develop end-to-end electric vehicle site electrification options, electrical and civil engineering designs and software controls. We’ll also advise on optimisation of infrastructure and energy demand management to support reduced operational costs.

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Tailored energy plans 

Electrification of fleets does not always result in the ‘greenification’ - or complete decarbonisation of fleets. The level of carbon emissions attached to the electrons that charge your electric vehicles will impact zero or net zero emissions targets. We can support ‘greenification’ of your fleet, as well as simple ‘electrification’.

As a generator and retailer, we can help ensure your emissions targets are met.
Our Charging as a Service (CHaaS) retail contract includes: 

  • Choice of energy – regular power through the grid, energy backed by renewable energy certificates, or energy with certified carbon offsets
  • Annual energy charges, including peak and off-peak tariffs, demand and standing charges; 
  • Annual recovery of depot electrification charges
  • Annual operations and maintenance fees, including warranty costs for the depot’s site electrification
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Digitising EV network management

A significant part of the clean energy transformation is managing and integrating your EV fleet, charging networks, mapping the charging locations on any routes and more on a central management system. Having a central view on your decarbonisation goals and strategies and tracking how well your transport is transitioning to green energy is key to achieving success.

The EnergyAustralia Energy Solutions team can develop your electric transport eco-system and build customised digital platforms - software that helps you access and manage a range of electric transport information all in one place, including:

  • Tracking project-specific government compliance requirements
  • Finding the nearest EV charging stations
  • Tracking EV charging sessions, energy usage and payments
  • Tracking Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and Distributed Energy Management Systems 
  • Monitoring battery management systems and micro-grids
  • Integrated energy trading platform
  • Monitoring Co2 emissions

Future revenue streams

As the energy market changes, there is potential for additional revenue generation and savings opportunities from an EV investment.