Energy monitoring

The more you know about energy usage in your business the more you can control it. We will work with you to design a solar PV system that delivers the level of monitoring your individual circumstances require. A range of options for monitoring generation and/or usage annually, or for the life of your system are available.

These can include advanced monitoring through solar analytics and smart metering. This allows you to see in real time how your onsite energy consumption is tracking against your solar generation. It can also inform you of system underperformance or faults.  

We can work with your business to determine the monitoring capabilities that will allow more efficient management of energy usage. 


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Track circuits and appliances

Understand where energy is used in your business in real time and identify opportunities to save energy.

Track time of use


Understand when machines and embedded generation were in use.

Track spend in real-time


View a real-time estimate of your business’s energy bill using your tariffs.

Track baseline, actual and forecast

Explain performance of energy management strategies and forecast likely outcomes.

Track multiple sites

Track usage and compare machinery across multiple sites in real-time.

Set budget alerts

Monitor whole site or specific circuits, machinery, devices or embedded generation.

Set and forget controls

Schedule appliances/machinery to run at optimal times or restrict use for improved energy control.

Flexible sub-billing

Create new revenue with accurate on-selling to tenants of grid electricity and embedded generation.


Energy management

We can work with you to understand the requirements of your business. We can then implement a program of strategies and devices to make energy management more efficient and streamlined.


Voltage optimisation

Voltage optimisation is an electricity saving strategy and/or a device that controls reduction in the voltages received by a commercial energy consumer. Options include a fixed voltage adjustment or electronically regulating voltage automatically. Voltage optimisation systems are usually installed in series with the mains electrical supply to buildings and should be sized correctly for specific supplies.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Implementing PFC is essential for businesses running inductive equipment like transformers and electric motors. By optimising power factor, these businesses can significantly enhance their energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.  

PFC actively improves the efficiency of electrical systems, ensuring that power drawn from the grid is utilised more effectively. This leads to a reduction in wasted energy and subsequently lowers electricity bills. Moreover, for large businesses subject to demand charges, by improving power factor and minimising reactive power, businesses can mitigate the demand they place on the grid, resulting in a reduction in demand charges.

Investing in PFC enhances energy efficiency and yields measurable financial benefits by lowering operational expenses and optimising electricity usage.

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