Virtual Power Plant

Unlock more value from your energy storage system

EnergyAustralia’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of energy storage systems working together to provide energy to the grid when it’s needed most.

As a participant, you can earn rewards for allowing EnergyAustralia to remotely manage your energy storage system to help support the grid. Your energy storage system, along with others in the community, will be enrolled in a software platform designed to enable the aggregation of multiple energy storage systems. This platform is then used to charge and/or discharge the energy storage systems before and during an event of high demand.*^

Be rewarded for taking part

Receive credits on your electricity bill for allowing EnergyAustralia to manage your energy storage system in the lead up to, and during, times of peak demand.

Your reward

  • A one-off $200 bill credit for joining the three-year VPP Program#
  • $20 bill credit for each event EnergyAustralia manages your energy storage system

Your contribution matters

By connecting to EnergyAustralia’s VPP, you will help contribute to a more reliable and stable energy network. Virtual Power Plants contribute by lessening pressure on the grid during peak times and integrating renewable energy when it is needed most.

No additional hardware needs to be installed to participate - provided you have one of the eligible energy storage products listed below, EnergyAustralia will connect your energy storage system to the VPP by enabling a feature in your system.

For further information please view our FAQs.

It’s easy to join

If you are an EnergyAustralia customer and have one of the energy storage systems below, please select the sign up button within the dropdown lists below to get started!

You’ll need to meet certain criteria to participate.*

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about EnergyAustralia's Virtual Power Plant, become an EnergyAustralia customer to join our VPP, or you have a different energy storage system to the ones above, please fill out our call back form below or email us and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Are you an existing EnergyAustralia customer?

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*Offer available to EnergyAustralia residential electricity customers in Victoria, South Australia or New South Wales; with an eligible energy storage system installed, commissioned and online; who do not have anyone in the household dependent on life support equipment; and who have a mobile phone to receive SMS notifications of an event.

#This is a three-year program.  Bill credits for each event are applied to your EnergyAustralia electricity account within 15 business days of an event.  The $200 sign up bill credit will be applied to your EnergyAustralia electricity account within 15 business days of EnergyAustralia successfully enrolling your energy storage system into the virtual power plant management system.  If you opt out of this program within the three-year period, you may be required to reimburse a pro rata amount of the sign-up bill credit.  Bill credits will appear on your next electricity bill after the date the credit has been applied to your account. It is estimated that events will occur up to 10 times, for 1-4 hours, over one year. View terms and conditions.

^If, as part of an event, we discharge electricity from the energy storage device back to the grid, you will receive your solar feed-in tariff (if your current plan provides for a feed-in tariff) in addition to the bill credit. If we draw electricity from the grid to charge your energy storage device as part of an event, this consumption will appear on your energy bill and you will be required to pay for it.

Offer subject to change without notice.