Simple, more affordable energy.

At EnergyAustralia, we know Australians value fairness

In everything we do, we consider the impact on our customers. We know there's no one size that fits all and that all our customers have different needs.

As our customer, you deserve fair and transparent energy plans that suit your lifestyle and that's what we're focused on.


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Simple, more affordable energy

 We've helped over 150,000 customers (and counting) avoid rate rises with our fixed rate products.

 Customers choosing our Total Plan always get their discount, guaranteed every time.

 We also got rid of over the counter fees when you pay at the post office by cash or cheque.


Cleaner energy

Access to cleaner energy

As part of our commitment to cleaner energy for all, you can choose carbon neutral electricity by opting in to our Go Neutral program, at no extra cost.

You can opt-in to carbon neutral electricity on any of our residential plans and we start offsetting carbon emissions on your behalf at the six-month anniversary of your start date with us. It’s an easy way to make a difference to the environment as we support carbon offset projects both locally and globally.

We also can help customers looking to switch to solar energy or choose a battery storage system.


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Clarity and choice

Tired of the confusion and uncertainty associated with energy plans? We can help you understand rates and discounts to make sure you’re getting the best value plan for you.


Improve customer experience

Improving our customer relationships

Your experience with us should be the best it can be. We're always looking at ways to improve our interactions with you, whether online, through our customer service teams or in our communications.

Customer surveys also help us better understand your experiences with us and identify areas where we can improve.

Our energy plans

Use our plan comparison checklist to make informed decisions about your energy and choose the best plan for your usage. We're here to help talk you through it too.

It's quick and hassle-free to sign up online. Whether you're moving house or switching to us, you can sign up online in just a few minutes and we'll take care of everything for you.

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Basic Home

Standard rates with no discounts.

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No Frills

Simple low rates all built-in savings for 12 months.

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Total Plan

Great discounts on your total energy bill guaranteed - everytime.

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Our customers are from all walks of life, with different needs and priorities. We're committed to providing all of them simple, more affordable energy and access to cleaner, more sustainable options.