This contract applies if you’re signed up to a market retail contract with us. This means you’ve signed on to an energy plan that could include discounts, rebates or other benefits.

Our Market Retail Contract terms and conditions will change from 29 August 2024

Our updated Market Retail Contract terms and conditions will take effect from 29 August 2024. If you’re currently on our Market Retail Contract, these terms and conditions will be replaced on 29 August 2024 by our updated Market Retail Contract terms and conditions. 

Summary of key changes

  • We’ve updated the circumstances in which we may end our contract with you. In addition to our and your existing rights to end the contract, we may now end your contract with us by giving you at least 20 business days’ notice, provided that any Benefit Period has ended and there are no other restrictions set out in your Energy Plan Details. The Energy Plan Details are in the welcome pack we sent you when you first signed up to your current plan.
  • We’ve clarified that if you’re an embedded network customer of ours that we will not pass on network charges associated with supplying electricity to your premises. If these charges appear on your bill, they’ll be credited back to you to cancel out the cost of these charges.
  • We’ve clarified that your tariffs with us may contain certain variable features that are set out in your Energy Plan Details as notified to you. If you have a controlled load tariff, there are certain operating windows in which your controlled load devices are powered and these are variable. A controlled load is the electricity used by a stand-alone item that is separately metered, such as your hot water system or pool pump. We or your distributor may vary these operating windows with you from time to time. Your distributor is the company responsible for the poles, wires and pipes in your network area.

Our terms and conditions contain a range of rights and obligations you have when we supply energy to you. Please read the full, updated Market Retail Contract terms and conditions.