The NSW Government ended the Solar Bonus Scheme on 31 December 2016.

Any payments that you previously received as part of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme would have finished on 31 December 2016. You would now be receiving our standard buyback rate of 6.1cents per kWh (excluding GST) from 1 January 2017, unless you’ve chosen to upgrade to one of our Solar Booster Products.

The change to your bill will be shown in the “electricity usage and service calculation” section of your bill.

We have a number of options that we have designed to ensure you can continue to receive an economic benefit from your solar system. Call our solar experts on 1800 811 297 to discuss your options.

Your meter installation will typically take between 30 mins to 1 hour to install.  

EnergyAustralia technicians will be installing your new smart meter. Our installers will arrive at your property during your agreed appointment or window and conduct the meter installation in line with required safety regulations. 

For safety purposes your power will be turned off during the installation. A typical installation will require the power to be off for between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

We’ll always confirm with you a few days prior to the installation when we expect to complete your installation. To ensure that we are not interrupting your electricity supply at an inconvenient time, we’ll attempt to contact you when we arrive on the property.

Once the installation has been completed, we’ll leave information confirming the installation of your new meter and other important contact information.

As part of the information that we will leave with you, you’ll receive the contact details of your meter installer. Your installer will be available for any enquiries you have in regards to your installation. 

If you’d like to organise or change an existing appointment, please call us on 1800 811 297.

Unfortunately in order to make an appointment, you will need to call us. 

Yes. After you have booked your appointment with us, you’ll receive a confirmation at least 4 days before your installation is scheduled to occur.    

Your new meter will have remote communication capability, enabling meter data to be received wirelessly and because your new meter is digital, your reading intervals will occur every half hour. The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to more accurately understand how and when you use your energy and we can provide tailored products that will benefit your usage.  

Many customers may have already had new meters installed that were described as smart meters, when they decided to purchase a solar system. Unfortunately the meter you currently have installed is unlikely to have the capability of switching between net measurement of your solar generation and gross measurement of your generation. The new smart meter has this functionality and is also able to be remotely read, meaning you will have access to your usage and generation data quicker than ever before.

This meter was selected by the distributor and primarily installed in order to cater for your generation capability. 

Yes the new meter will work with your existing system and will give you the benefit of net metering. This means you will now be able to offset the power you consume in your house with the energy you generate through your solar system.

As a physical indicator that your meter is operating, you will notice a flashing light on the front panel that indicates your meter is operating normally.

You’ll be able to monitor your daily usage in three ways: 

  • You can view your usage and generation details through our reporting portal in MyAccount
  • You can request your daily usage data from us
  • You could interact with your physical meter which will show your activity

Moving from gross to net metering is a big change and biggest benefit you will see is when you adjust your energy usage behaviour to use appliances during peak hours of solar generation. An example would be washing your dishes and running your washing machine between 10am and 3pm to ensure that you utilise the power you are generating through your solar system and off-setting what you would otherwise need to purchase from the grid.

Yes. This will be the net generation for the period that you’re being billed. 

There are a number of exciting products on the horizon that require smart meters to be installed on the premises as a pre-requisite. Having a smart meter installed now, will ensure that you can access these products when they are available.

Call us on 1800 811 297 to talk about your solar system. 

You would have automatically defaulted to our standard buyback rate on 1 January 2017, which is 6.1cents per kWh (excluding GST). If you haven’t upgraded, you’ll still be using older meter technology with limited capabilities and all the energy powering your home will still be 100% from the grid. We have some great options available so you can continue to receive benefits from your solar system and a higher feed-in tariff than our standard rate.