Our new Secure Saver fixes your electricity and/or gas prices for 2 years. This means the usage rates and daily supply charges are fixed and won’t rise during the 2 year period, guaranteed. You can have confidence that your energy price won’t be impacted by energy price rises and if we reduce our usual market prices, your plan automatically updates with the lower price. When the 2 year fixed term ends, we will recommend the best new plan for you.

Secure Saver is simple – when you sign up, you’ll enjoy no increase to our electricity and gas usage rates and daily supply charges for two years plus our competitive discount when you pay on time. Other fees and charges including GreenPower may vary during the benefit period. If we reduce our usual market energy prices, your plan will be automatically updated to the lower price.  An exit fee of up to $22 per account may apply if you leave within two years.

'Usual' refers to our generally available market offers that include a benefit of discounts on usage rates. We may cancel the price match if a regulated tariff that is lower than our market rate is introduced.  If we do that, then we will notify you and you may cancel and switch to the regulated tariff without paying any exit fee.

If we reduce our usual market usage charges or daily supply charges during the benefit period, we will automatically apply those lower prices to your plan. If this happens, we’ll use our best endeavours to provide you with notice as soon as practicable, or in any event no later than your next bill.

Our new Secure Saver plan fixes your energy prices. Your usage rates and daily supply charges will not increase for 2 years. Other fees and charges (incl. GreenPower) may vary during the benefit period.

When you choose to sign up to Secure Saver, you will avoid any annual price increases to your usage rates and daily supply charges for the 2 year benefit period. Other fees and charges (incl. GreenPower) may vary.

If you choose to leave EnergyAustralia during the benefit period, an exit fee of $22 per account applies.

Yes, you can enjoy a competitive discount with Secure Saver when you pay on time. When you receive your bill via email, you can add an automatic reminder to your calendar for 2 days before your due date.

Your supply of electricity and gas is made up of daily supply charges and usage rate charges – Secure Saver means these charges will be fixed for 2 years. Other possible charges, such as late payment, dishonor, disconnection, GreenPower and credit card fees are not fixed and may vary during the term. These fees are the same for all our plans.

No. Secure Saver is a standalone product which offers a competitive discount as well as fixing your energy prices for 2 years. When selecting one of our energy products we encourage customers to compare the benefits of our other plans with our Secure Saver plan to make sure they are on the right plan for their needs.

Yes, solar customers can take up a Secure Saver plan with their eligible feed-in tariff. Please note that while your electricity and/or gas energy prices are fixed for 2 years, any applicable solar buyback rebates or credits are not fixed, so may vary.

Yes, GreenPower is available with Secure Saver at an additional cost.

Yes, when you opt-in to Go Neutral, carbon neutral electricity is available with all our home electricity plans, 6 months from your start date.

Secure Saver is only available on a 2 year term.

Our Secure Saver plans are not available in all areas. Please refer to our Basic Plan Information Documents for more details.

Yes, if you’re an existing electricity and/or gas customer, you can simply switch from your current plan to Secure Saver. To switch visit My Account.

At the end of the plan we’ll recommend the best new plan for you.

Your bill will look the same. The only difference is that your usage rates and daily supply charges will remain the same during the 2 year benefit period.

No, Secure Saver is a new product that was created for those customers that want certainty knowing that their energy prices will stay the same. Some customers have told us they’re worried about increasing energy prices and want a way to fix their prices to avoid future increases.

Yes, it doesn’t matter what residential meter type you have. If you change your meter type, you’ll remain on the product at the relevant meter pricing in your local distribution zone.

No, Secure Saver is not transferrable between residences. If your home is in an eligible area, you can sign up for Secure Saver at your new address but the rates may change depending on where you move to and at what time of the year you move.