By opting in to Go Neutral, you’re helping us support an important emission-reducing project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Santa Rosa Centre for Solid Waste Treatment – also known as CTR Rio - is a coordinated program reducing risks to health and managing issues associated with toxic waste management. 

Generally, landfills in Brazil are unmanaged and unsafe, but CTR Rio - one of the country’s largest landfills, covering 2.2 square kilometres and treating 10,000 tonnes of local waste daily – is regarded as one of the most secure, modern, and efficient solutions for treating solid waste. 

Technology that transforms waste and helps communities.

Transforming CTR Rio into a safer, more sanitary landfill involves containing the toxic waste and using a flare to convert methane into carbon dioxide since methane has 30 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Long term, the goal is to convert the methane into energy.
Importantly, the health risks to the people making a living from the landfill and nearby residents have been reduced, and the waste workers and pickers now earn an income through being employed by CTR Rio.