Offset your business premises’ electricity carbon emissions and reduce your carbon footprint – a great way to give your business an extra edge.

Benefits of Business Carbon Neutral Flexi Plan

Now more than ever, customers expect the businesses they engage with to play their part in creating a more sustainable future. Pledge to make sustainability your business by signing up to carbon neutral electricity.

Our Business Carbon Neutral Flexi plan is perfect if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and get a great deal on your business electricity too. 

We calculate the emissions associated with your supplied business electricity energy use and purchase corresponding carbon offset units to balance out the emissions making your business electricity energy use carbon neutral.

Your pledge is your edge

When you sign up to Business Carbon Neutral Flexi, you also receive a digital marketing toolkit consisting of assets to help promote that your electricity use is carbon neutral – a great way to give your business an extra edge.

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  • Accredited carbon neutral electricity for your business premises
  • Electricity rates that are variable
  • Manage your business energy account online with My Account
  • No lock-in contract and no exit fees

 How Business Carbon Neutral works: 

1. Carbon emissions are created from your business premises' electricity use.

2. We offset those emissions through carbon offset units from climate action projects.

3. The result? Carbon neutral electricity, positive environmental and community benefits.

Our carbon offsets come from accredited climate action projects in Australia and around the world. Many of these projects provide economic, social and environmental benefits to communities, in addition to offsetting carbon emissions.

Business Carbon Neutral Flexi plan and your electricity bill

Electricity business bills are made up of daily supply and energy usage charges. With Business Carbon Neutral Flexi these charges are variable and we'll let you know in advance before your market energy charges change. The market contract energy rates may change in or around January or July. *Please keep this in mind when choosing a variable rate plan. Any other fees and charges (incl. solar feed-in tariffs and GreenPower) may also vary. If you’re a solar customer, you’re eligible for the applicable solar feed-in tariff rates, which can change during your variable rate period. There are no exit fees with our Business Carbon Neutral Flexi plan

More information

Business Carbon Neutral Flexi plan is available to eligible business customers in ACT, NSW, Queensland, SA and Victoria. Please refer to our Basic Plan Information Documents (BPID) or Energy Fact Sheets for more details. For clear advice on the right plan for you contact us on 1800 687 728. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Climate Active memeber

EnergyAustralia is part of the Climate Active Network

EnergyAustralia is part of the Climate Active Network. The Climate Active Network is an Australian network of organisations committed to the delivery of high integrity actions across emissions reduction and the use of accredited offsets. The goal of the Climate Active Network is to take collective action on climate change and protect Australia’s environment. Look for the Climate Active logo on all our Business Carbon Neutral communications. Climate Active certification for products like Business Carbon Neutral Flexi plan makes it easier for consumers to make a conscious decision to identify and choose certified products that are making a difference.

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