The Tallawarra B Project

The Tallawarra B Project is on the traditional Country of the Dharawal peoples. EnergyAustralia respects and acknowledges their continued connection to Country, culture and community.  

New South Wales requires fast start gas-fired generation to balance the energy system and we have responded with the Tallawarra B project. The project is the development of a fast-start open cycle power station, which in peak periods will deliver reliable power to an additional 150,000 New South Wales homes. Its construction will create 250 jobs.

Located on the shores of Lake Illawarra at EnergyAustralia's existing Tallawarra power station, Tallawarra B will be Australia’s first peaking power station to be powered by a blend of gas and green hydrogen with direct emissions offset. The Tallawarra B project will be ready for the summer of 2023-24, providing a new energy source following the retirement of the Liddell power station.  

With its fast-start flexible capacity, the Tallawarra B project will play a vital role in maintaining system security, complementing renewables coming into the system, and providing reliable power to customers in New South Wales.

Where are we up to?

The project team installed the last piece of Tallawarra B’s exhaust stack, known as the Plume Dispersion Device, in early September. Since then, finishing touches to the construction of the power station have been completed. The project team has connected Tallawarra B to the grid and will shortly start the power station up for the first time and start testing as part of the station’s commissioning process. Further information on this, including DPE’s approval, can be found in the document library below.


For more information on the project please contact us on:


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Postal Address: Talla B Project Team, PO Box 20, Dapto  NSW  2530.


EnergyAustralia acknowledges the support of the NSW Government for the Tallawarra B Power Station Project

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