From February this year, EnergyAustralia will offer Amazon Alexa voice control to EnergyAustralia customers, making it easier for them to manage their energy at home.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud based voice service – she answers questions, plays music, turns on and off the lights, give you news and weather updates and more. She is accessed via voice enabled

speakers such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus. These devices will be available through Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, Myer and other major retailers.

What will the Amazon Alexa Skill do for EnergyAustralia customers?  

From February 2018, EnergyAustralia customers will be able to check and manage their electricity and gas accounts with Amazon Alexa. 

You’ll be able to find out from Amazon Alexa your latest gas or electricity due date and amount. You’ll also be able to hear energy saving tips. 

More features will be added over time. 

How do I get started?

Buy an Alexa enabled device such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Plus or Echo Dot and download the Amazon Alexa app, then enable the EnergyAustralia Skill.

EnergyAustralia My Account customers will receive easy step-by-step instructions for linking their account to their Alexa account. If you haven’t registered for My account, you can do so at 

Some ideas for using EnergyAustralia on Alexa:
“Alexa, ask EnergyAustralia how much is my gas bill?” 
“Alexa, ask EnergyAustralia when is my bill due?”
“Alexa, ask EnergyAustralia for an energy saving tip” 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read through our FAQs below. We look forward to helping you manage your energy through Amazon Alexa.

In our first version, you can find out your latest gas or electricity bill due dates, and the amounts due.

You can also ask Alexa for energy saving tips.

Not yet, but if this is something our customers would like to do, we can explore how we might enable that function in the future.

Yes. You must link your EnergyAustralia Skill using your My Account login details, so no-one else can access this information.

This is our first Skill, so we have delivered what customers want most – information about their bills. We will be adding additional functions in the future.

You must have an Alexa enabled device such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Plus to use this Skill.

Yes! We are talking to customers about other features they would like to see, and we will deliver these in future releases.

You must have an Alexa enabled device such as Amazon Echo. Echo Dot or Echo Plus and either visit Amazon or download the Amazon Alexa app to use this Skill. In the Amazon Alexa Skills store, search for EnergyAustralia under Skills and then enable it by linking your My Account username and password.

The Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot are available through Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, Myer and other major retailers.

You must use the same username and password that you use to access My Account.  Try logging into My Account on the website. If you can log in to My Account then you know you have the correct username and password.

Amazon Echo is a revolutionary speaker designed entirely around your voice – it's always ready, hands-free and fast – just ask Alexa and get answers instantly.

Alexa is an intelligent cloud-based service that lets people use just their voice to do thousands of things like play music, hear the news, order food, check weather, control smart-home lights, lamps and televisions – even check and manage your EnergyAustralia electricity and gas accounts. Alexa is the cloud-based voice service behind devices like Amazon Echo smart speakers. The more the service is used, the more Alexa adapts to speech patterns, vocabulary and personal preferences.