Collab Agency has been an EnergyAustralia customer since 2019. It was founded in 2012 by directors Gordon Pont and David Gaff when they recognised a need to bring the core components of sales and marketing agencies together. Collab Agency specialises in digital marketing and sales. They create actionable, consumer-led strategies that convert, develop creative content and implement technology such as websites and CRMs.

Like most Australian businesses Collab Agency is navigating challenging times with COVID-19 and Gordon and David have had to completely re-think the way the business runs.

This means they’re investing more in lead generation activity, which has put them at the forefront of mind amongst a prospective client base who’ll be seeking expert advice after this period passes.

At the same time, regular clients have been reining in their expenditure, forcing Gordon and David to review their cost base. So, while regular income has reduced, costs of rent, office bills and wages remain the same. Rather than lay off staff, they revisited their cost bases, finding areas where they could save money to help them balance the challenges.

Gordon and David also looked to EnergyAustralia for support to uncover areas where they could minimise their energy usage in the office. With the help of a simple 15 minute phone call they discovered many easy wins to bring their usage down during this time and maximise their cost savings, such as making sure they were on the right energy plan and little things like turning their office equipment off at the wall.

Collab Agency now have a tailored energy solution and Gordon and David take comfort knowing that when things change in the future EnergyAustralia will be there to support them through it. In particular, they were excited to learn how they could offset their carbon emissions with EnergyAustralia’s new Business Carbon Neutral program (coming in 2020).

With their energy and other outgoings reduced Gordon and David have been able spend their time focusing on getting the best results for their clients’ businesses during this tough time, and investing in ways to ensure both Collab Agency and its clients are ready for a post-COVID-19 world.