February 20, 2019

EnergyAustralia and the manager of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Yarra Park today announced a partnership to light the way for people travelling through the heart of Melbourne's sporting and entertainment precinct. 

The companies are behind the installation of twelve solar-powered light poles fitted with CCTV cameras, which will operate 24-hours-a-day, in Yarra Park, between MCG gates two and three. 

The new 5.5-metre-high lights supplied by Saferoads will enhance the safety of Yarra Park for people after dark, said Stuart Fox, Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC). 

“Improving safety in Yarra Park is very important to us and we’re pleased to work with EnergyAustralia on this energy-themed initiative to help deliver a safer environment for local residents, MCG fans and other park users,” Mr Fox said. 

“The lighting produced is 100 per cent sustainable. LED street lights are becoming increasingly popular because not only do they have a long life but they reduce carbon emissions. This initiative also builds on our long-term commitment to be recognised as a leading contributor to the community in environmental sustainability,” Mr Fox said. 

EnergyAustralia Managing Director Catherine Tanna said Yarra Park was part of Melbourne’s fabric, hosting runs, family outings and pre-footy picnics as well as providing a great vantage point for New Year’s Eve fireworks. 

“Yarra Park is a great public asset and we hope that this lighting project will make it that much more accessible for all Australians, no matter the season or the time of day,” Ms Tanna said. 

Ms Tanna said the project also showed how customers of all shapes and sizes, from average households to large sporting stadiums, could use technology to save money. 

“Energy-efficient LED lighting, smart home solar systems and demand response programs can help families and businesses take control of their energy consumption. Whether it’s the MCG or the family home, when people use less energy they save money and help the environment by generating fewer carbon emissions.” 

EnergyAustralia estimates the new solar-powered lighting in Yarra Park will save 1.3 tonnes of carbon per annum, equal to that generated by powering an average Victorian home for four months. 

The Yarra Park lighting project follows EnergyAustralia helping the MCG to offset all the emissions from venue operations during September, the ground’s busiest period of the year. 

This same option to Go Neutral is also available to all EnergyAustralia customers at no extra cost to them. For more information go to