Simple low rates all day, every day

Benefits of No Frills

Our No Frills plan offers you simple low rates and no confusing discounts, making it easier for you to understand your energy bills. You’ll have peace of mind with the low rate fixed for 12 months and the convenience of direct debit. Plus, with emailed bills (eBilling), you can quickly and easily keep track of your bills.

With No Frills, we’ve removed seasonal and usage block pricing across both electricity and gas. These changes should make it easier for you to understand how much your energy use is costing you.

No Frills is available to eligible residential customers* in Victoria, NSW, SA, ACT and Queensland (electricity only).


  • Simple, low rates all day, every day
  • No confusing discounts
  • No price rises for 12months
  • Direct debit, eBilling and eCorrespondence
  • 100% carbon neutral electricity for no extra cost when you opt in
  • My Account – manage your energy accounts online 
  • No exit fees

Why choose our No Frills plan?

No Frills is for customers who want a simple plan with easy to understand energy rates. With simple low rates and no confusing discounts, you’ll find it easier to understand your energy bill with the certainty that your rates will stay the same for 12 months. 

How it works

Your gas and electricity rates are made up of usage (consumption) and daily supply charges. Both of these will be fixed at our No Frills simplified rates for 12 months. 

Any other fees and charges (incl. GreenPower) may vary. There are no exit fees with our No Frills plan.

If you’re a solar customer, you’re eligible for the applicable solar feed in tariff rates

More information

*No Frills is available in all areas for electricity. There are two areas where gas is not available Wimmera (ie Horsham, Avoca) and Wagga Wagga. Please refer to the Basic Plan Information Documents (BPID) for more details.

If you’d like more information about No Frills, please refer to our No Frills frequently asked questions and answers.

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