The dental clinic caring for patients as well as the planet 

Background: Right from the beginning, the team at Geelong Family Dental Care has been conscious of their environmental impact. For the clinic, it’s always been about “trying to do our part”.

For example, the clinic uses TerraCycle - an initiative where wastage from items like toothpaste and toothbrushes can be recycled. But as the clinic has grown, so has its energy needs, which is why ensuring optimal energy usage is at the top of the team’s priority list.  


Solution: EnergyAustralia is the exclusive energy partner for the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA). Geelong Family Dental Care’s owner, Dr Beng, attended one of ADIA’s conferences in May 2021 and talked to one of our team members about the opportunity to offset the business’ electricity carbon emissions with our Business Carbon Neutral plan, We also talked about an exclusive energy offer for Geelong Family Dental Care. 

Maintaining an environmentally conscious business is undeniably important for the clinic, so Business Carbon Neutral was a big attraction.  

But this was just the beginning of Dr Beng’s great experience with us. Upon switching the clinic’s electricity over to us, it became evident just how easy it was to manage.  

There was a single point of contact during his onboarding process, and the service was always prompt. Dr Beng also personally appreciates  how easy it is to view the clinic’s recent energy usage. All he has to do is use the My Account app - easily accessed at the tap of a button.

“We’re always trying to do our part for the environment. EnergyAustralia helps us do this.” 

Dr Beng, Geelong Family Dental Care


Summary: Always an environmentally conscious business, the team at Geelong Family Dental Care is continually on the look-out for ways to improve the clinic. With more business, comes more energy usage.  

Offsetting electricity carbon emissions with our Business Carbon Neutral plan allows Geelong Family Dental Care to continue to expand, while keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum – it’s a straightforward way of doing something for the environment. 

Managing energy couldn’t be simpler, with our easy-to-use app, speedy communication and a single point of contact. 


Geelong Family Dental Care is forecast to offset the equivalent of 16.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2022 by switching their electricity to Business Carbon Neutral.

That’s the equivalent of 5 cars off the road for a year.*

EnergyAustralia's current business carbon neutral plan is available here. The plan that Geelong Family Dental Care signed up to is no longer available.

Put your energy in the right place.  

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*Using a factor of 3.2 tonnes/passenger car/year. Based on 2016 passenger vehicle numbers (Australian Bureau of Statistics Motor Vehicle Census) and 2016 greenhouse gas emissions for cars (National Greenhouse Gas Inventory’s AEGIS database). Business premises’ electricity use is made carbon neutral by EnergyAustralia’s purchase of carbon offset units to balance out the emissions.