No energy price rises for 2 years. Guaranteed

Benefits of Secure Saver

Our Secure Saver plan fixes your energy prices for 2 years. That’s fixed usage rates and fixed daily supply charges. If our market usage rates go down, yours will too automatically. Plus, with Secure Saver when you pay on time you’ll also receive great discounts off the electricity and gas you use. To see how Secure Saver works, watch this video.


It’s available to selected residential customers* in Vic, NSW, SA, ACT and Qld (electricity only).

The plan features:

  • Competitive discounts, usage rates and daily supply charges, all fixed for 2 years
  • Certainty knowing you’re protected from increases in usage rates and supply charges
  • If our market energy prices go down, your plan will be automatically updated to the lower price
  • At the end of the plan we’ll recommend the best new plan for you

Who is the Secure Saver plan suited to?

Secure Saver helps customers better plan their energy budget – it’s ideal for those looking to avoid increasing energy prices by fixing today’s energy rates for the next 2 years. You’ll receive great discounts off usage rates when you pay on time and have certainty knowing that if our market energy rates drop, your plan will automatically update to the lower price.

How it works

Your gas and electricity rates are made up of usage (consumption) and daily supply charges, both of which will be fixed at today’s in-market base prices for 2 years.

Any other fees and charges (incl. GreenPower) may vary. An exit fee of up to $22 per account may apply if you cancel within 2 years.

More information

*Not available in all areas. Please refer to the Energy Price Fact Sheets for more details.

If you would like more information about Secure Saver, please refer to our Secure Saver questions and answers

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