A flexible residential electricity and gas plan with a discount when you pay on time.

Benefits of Flexi Saver - No exit fees

Our Flexi Saver plan is all about rewarding you for being on top of your electricity and gas bill payments.

The plan features:

  • A discount when you pay your bill by the due date
  • No exit fees
  • No late payment fees
  • 1 year benefit period
  • Choice of payment options
  • Choice of green energy options and automatic eligibility for carbon neutral for electricity at no cost
  • SMS payment reminders to help ensure you'll get your pay on time discount

Who should choose Flexi Saver?

If you have a history of being on top of your energy bill payments, choosing our Flexi Saver plan will save you money and reward you with pay on time discounts. It’s also a great choice if you plan to move home as it has no exit fees.

More information

If you'd like to explore our Flexi Saver energy plans in more detail, take a look at our Basic Plan Information Documents..


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