Our Tesla Powerwall Winners One Year On: The Tarrant Family

Boy showing solar powered toy car

When Brad and Amanda, along with their children, Zara and Ethan, moved into their new home, they knew it would impact their energy use. Although they have always been an energy conscious family, this house was much bigger, with halogen lights everywhere, and central air conditioning but no fans. Their win of the Tesla Powerwall couldn’t have come at a better time.

In the short time they have had their Powerwall – it hasn’t yet been a full bill cycle – the family has seen a 50 percent reduction on what their bill was at the same time last year. That’s a big difference for a family whose main energy usage is in heating water, and in heating and cooling.


As aware as the family was of their energy expenditure, the Tesla Powerwall and solar system took them to an even greater level of awareness.

The app lets you see total usage and solar energy generated at any given time, with a map that illustrates usage in a clear and simple way. “With the system, and the battery, and the app, you can see exactly what's using what, and you can take that to the next level,” says Brad.

Amanda agrees.

“It's given us a much better understanding of how each of our appliances actually impacts on what we're drawing from the grid.”

The Tesla Powerwall has also got people talking – even strangers – and the conversations are always positive.

“People have pulled up out the front of our house and seen the battery in the garage and have started asking questions about it, and how it's been working for us, so that they then can make a decision about looking into investing in one for themselves,” says Amanda.

Brad describes himself as a huge fan of renewable energy, and he is a huge fan of the Powerwall, as well. He sees both as a huge asset not just for his family and the here and now, but for everyone, well into the future.

“It helps the individual. It helps the household. It helps the environment. I do see it as the future. It's the way to go. And we're only going to improve from where we are at.”

If you think solar power and battery storage could help you manage your family’s energy bills, contact EnergyAustralia to find the option that works best for you.