Our Tesla Powerwall Winners One Year On: The Richards Family

Richards family standing outside their home

When we first met Naomi and Sean, they had two children and one on the way. A year on, what Naomi described as “a 24/7 military operation” is as busy as ever, with three children under four, and times when they can be doing up to 10 loads of washing a day. The Tesla Powerwall has been a huge boon for this busy, growing family.

Before their baby daughter Addison came along, Naomi and Sean were both working shifts. This meant that the family was using energy around 20 hours each day, adding up to significant costs. Naomi and Sean’s situation is different to what it was a year ago, and the Tesla Powerwall has seen the family through that time, as well as more recent times, with Naomi at home – and less money coming in.


“It couldn't have come at a better time for us, now that we've gone down to one wage while I'm on maternity leave,” Naomi says. “The savings in our power bills have just been such a welcome surprise.”

An easy-to-use app has made it simple for Naomi and Sean to see how and where they are using the most energy, but it hasn’t just been a fascinating source of information: their new awareness about how they use energy has also helped change the family’s behaviour.

“All the electrical stuff, we try and do it during the day while the sun's out, and keep as much stored in the battery for the night-time as possible,” says Sean.

Although the Powerwall doesn’t need solar energy to run, the family views it as a natural extension and complement to solar. “Solar is the future. It already is in homes all around Australia. The battery just makes it much more efficient and lets you use your energy throughout the night as well.”

Raising socially and environmentally responsible children is important to Naomi and Sean, and this has been another benefit of the Powerwall, Naomi says.

“It’s such a great thing to have in the house and teach little kids about.”

If you think solar power and battery storage could help you manage your family’s energy bills, contact EnergyAustralia to find the option that works best for you.