Our Tesla Powerwall Winners One Year On: The Dobinson Family

Husband and wife showing power bill

Anthony and his wife Sammy describe themselves – along with children Tilly and Minnie, and pet pooch Monty – as pretty much your average Australian family, “with slight hippie tendencies”. When they won their Tesla Powerwall from EnergyAustralia, their highest priority was storing the energy produced by their solar panels, which they already had in place, for their electric vehicle. A year on, however, the Powerwall has made a difference in other areas, as well.

“Look,” says Anthony, holding up a power bill. “I could talk about the numbers and the kilowatt hours and the cents per kilowatt, but ultimately, after the battery was installed, that's the biggest indicator: you can see a massive reduction in the bill after the battery was installed.”


Like the other winners, Anthony has found that the Powerwall generates a lot of interest from friends and family. It’s a fascinating innovation, but at the end of the day, what they all want to know is whether it has made a big difference. The response from the Dobinson family is a resounding yes, with a strong recommendation to anyone who is considering buying one.

“It's not only for the elite.”

The savings, however, don’t just come from the nuts-and-bolts of the Tesla system. They come from the awareness that it provides through its app, showing users exactly how and where they are using the most energy. It is a powerful illustration of the family’s energy using habits, and a powerful motivator to change those habits.

“We are able to monitor a lot more closely the ways in which we use energy, consume energy, and thus save energy,” Anthony says.

To Anthony and his family this doesn’t just apply to the past year, but moving forward, as well.

“Without a doubt, this is the future of energy.”

If you think solar power and battery storage could help you manage your family’s energy bills, contact EnergyAustralia to find the option that works best for you.