We've changed the way we apply discounts to all our energy plans. Applying discounts on 'usage'€ brings us in line with other major energy retailers, making it easier for you to compare energy plans.

Your energy bill is made up of a number of different charges – generally the biggest component is your usage charges and this is the charge your discounts will be applied to.

No, if you’re receiving discounts on an existing plan that is still within the Benefit Period, there’ll be no change. Until your Benefit Period expires, or you choose to change plans, you’ll continue to see discounts applied to ‘usage and daily supply charges’ for that account.

As there have been recent changes to your plan (e.g. you may have switched plans or your Benefit Period may have come to an end) the bill you’ve just received includes charges for the energy you’ve used on both your new and old plans. The letter we included explains that, for this bill only, you’ll see two types of discounts listed and how to tell them apart.

  • Your previous plan had discounts applied to ‘usage and daily supply charges’.
  • Your currently plan has discounts that apply to just ‘usage charges’.

If you still have questions about your discounts, call us on 1800 105 909.